What's in a name?

Updated: Oct 18, 2018

My name is Ryan Patrick Moran and my craft is woodworking, from cutting boards to kitchen cabinets.

When looking for a business name I thought it should be easy to remember. In the area I live there are alot of people that go by other handles other than their given names, to the point that I don't even know their real name. Locally I was dubbed Bullethead which eventually was shortened to Bullet by my older brothers and their friends. Using this name may bring bad connotation if trying to market and brand myself. I also thought about 357 studio because it was a bullet caliber and Wingham the town I'm froms first 3 digits in the phone area code. But 357 studio was not only taken but it was a somewhat similar design company based out of Australia.

In the meantime I did a work holiday in Jasper Alberta. And at my place of work I guess there were too many Ryan's walking around. So a nickname bypasses all of this. By the end of my first week due to my goofy grin, my new name was short and sweet "the Grinner" . Happy to just be meeting new people and trying something completely out of my wheelhouse I couldn't help but smile. Or maybe I have such a resting bitch face that when I do so much smile people go "look! the stone golem cracked a smile."😊

Upon returning from my year retreat I had a solid brand name "Grinner Studio".,,

its all now easily searchable with no extra words or syntax.

So you can call me Ryan, Moran, Bullet, Grinner any of those will turn my head so which ever is easiest to remember.

If the question is ever asked why a cat is my logo. It's far less interesting. Instead of having some woodworking tool or some cliche attachment to an animal, high in the food chain. I just used an emblem I had while playing the original Xbox series of games Halo. Not sure if it's still possible to make in new installations but I've stuck with it for over 10 years now.

This is the exact emblem from the game.