Sometimes I think I think too much.

So yeah, my reading and writing are sub par and I have no idea what I am doing. But I reckon I can't improve if I don't try. I write down my ideas in scrapbooks, but it can most likely only be deciphered by me and me alone. I figure I should be turning flaws into strengths seeing I am my own advertising company. Being an Artist/Brand that cannot express their message is most likely not good for business.

Always getting better never complacent. So this blog will be a completely random almost diary like posting of thoughts, experiences, what's to come with Grinner Studio. Giving you the inner workings of my mind. And giving me a way to vent my random thoughts.

I think it's possible to comment in the blog posts so feel free to add insight or start a conversation. If you have any advise on how to improve my grammatical prowise. Like "put a comma here." or "this sentence makes no sense." go nuts I could use the help.